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Chaumet Jewellery : A Liens jewel for all seasons

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Chaumet Jewellery : A Liens jewel for all seasons

July 27, 2018

Chaumet liens bracelet

Pretty as a picture, Chaumet’s bow-inspired Liens Séduction rings and bracelets are available in pink and white gold with a variety of diamond-setting options.

They say that the best ideas are the simplest ones and Chaumet’s Liens proves the point beyond doubt. The simple ‘X’ motif, the universal symbol of eternal attachment that first saw the light of day in the 1970s, goes from strength to strength. Today, Liens finds new life in four variations unveiled in Paris this season.

The Liens by Chaumet was created to capture the romance shared between Napoleon and Joséphine. Since then, the ‘X’ motif has been interpreted in a myriad of ways. The Liens has taken centre stage in breathtaking high jewellery incarnations, expressed heartfelt pledges of eternal love, offered itself up as a simple token of friendship, symbolised the deepest of family bonds and even acted as an intimate weapon of seduction. And the story goes on and on as the fluid simplicity of Liens has the power to talk through generations.

replica chaumet ring

Available in pink and white gold with different diamond-setting options, the dainty Chaumet Liens Séduction rings are slender enough to stack and bring a young vibrancy to fine jewellery.

Tantalisingly playful, the newest addition to the Liens family is the Liens Séduction, above. The deceptively simple designs harness the power of the suggestion of a loosely tied ribbon. Gently grazing the skin, two bands of gold sweep around to merge in a knot that, with the slightest tug, will unravel to reveal a new level of intimacy. Innocent yet insolent, Liens Séduction captures the frisson of the games of love.

Conceived out of pure love, Liens Évidence, below, faithfully evokes the clean lines of the original 1970s design. Here, the circle of a gold band is closed by a diamond-set link, unity eloquently expressed in precious materials. As simple and powerful as the worlds ‘I love you’, Liens Évidence speaks straight to the heart.

classic ‘X’ motif of Chaumet jewelry

The classic ‘X’ motif of Chaumet’s Liens jewels takes on a new playful form in the Jeux de Liens family of jewels, including these pink gold variations with diamonds or pink opal.

Liens d’Amour, below, captures the intense emotions of romance in solitaire-style rings set with vibrant colour gemstones. A ribbon of diamonds set in white gold encircles deep red tourmalines, vivid imperial topaz, true blue sapphires or lively green emeralds to name a few of the many gemstones selected by Chaumet’s gemmologists. Romantic and joyful, the bright colours of the stones remind us of the optimism of young love as two souls become one.

Jeux de Liens, below, is like a smile, a spontaneous sharing of joy between two people. Unpretentious and straightforward, the Jeux de Liens jewels spread happiness with their generously rounded edges and bright splashes of colour. Born to be gifted, they lend themselves to becoming a luxury stack of friendship bracelets, a single memento of a summer love or a reminder of a father’s love for his daughter. So if you are considering a gift for a loved one, Chaumet Liens jewels speak volumes, for eternity.

Chaumet ring

Chaumet’s Liens Séduction brings a fresh young look to fine jewellery with loosely tied ribbons in white gold set with diamonds that sit lightly on the skin.

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